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Welcome to my website

I'm Andrew Bingham and I'm delighted to have represented the High Peak in Parliament for the past five years.  I was born in the High Peak, and having lived here all my life it has meant a great deal to me to be able to stand up for our area in Parliament and make sure that local people had a strong voice in Westminster.

On this website you will find how to contact me as well as examples of some issues and campaigns I've been involved with.  There are also links to local organisations and other local information which should be of use to you if you live in the constituency.  If you are a constituent and would like to get in touch, I would be very happy to hear from you.

This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. As Parliament has been dissolved there are now no Members of Parliament until after the Election on May 7 2015. Any articles dated before 30 March 2015 were from the period when I was the High Peak's Member of Parliament.


Andrew Bingham ranked as 12th busiest MP during the last 5 years

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Conservative Parliamentary Candidate Andrew Bingham was last week named as the 12th most active MP during his five years as the High Peak's Member of Parliament.

The Daily Telegraph ranked each MP based on how often they'd voted, and Andrew came 12th out of 650 MPs.

Andrew said:

"The measure used by the Telegraph is based on my voting record. So whilst I have missed very few votes during my time as the Member of Parliament, I always prioritised Constituency work wherever possible, meaning I was always available for local people when needed.

"Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to be so high up the Telegraph's list of most active MPs, given the amount of Constituency work and appointments I managed to undertake during the last five years."


Chancellor visits Street Crane with Andrew

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Street Crane, the UK’s largest manufacturer of factory cranes and hoists, were honoured with a visit from the Chancellor, George Osborne, and High Peak's Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Andrew Bingham, on Saturday morning.

Visiting Street’s new hoist factory, opened last September in Chapel-en-le-Frith at a cost of £3 million, the Chancellor praised the company for their record on research and development, investment in new products and advanced production processes, export and employment growth.

Managing director of Street Crane, Andrew Pimblett, said:

“Street is a family business that focuses on long term business development so profits are ploughed back into the business. This has enabled us to develop a wider product offering for UK customers, but, more significantly, invest in products for the international crane market so that our hoists and crane kits are now available in every developed industrial market via a high quality global network of distributors.”

Export accounts for over 70 per cent of Street’s £30 million turnover.  

Speaking to a group of local Conservative supporters at the start of the campaign to support local candidate Andrew Bingham, George Osborne said:

“I was delighted to visit Street Crane along with Andrew Bingham and meet the team. This is a fantastic company at the heart of the Peak District and a success story for exporting British products. The method behind its success is investment in product development and a 'can do' attitude. Street Crane has gone from strength to strength in tandem with our economy over the last few years, something we should all be proud of. It's success is a reminder why must keep working through our clear economic plan that is cutting business taxes, boosting investment and creating jobs.”

Andrew Bingham said:

"It was great to welcome the Chancellor to the High Peak and show him one of our successful businesses. I'm very pleased that he chose to visit our area to help launch the General Election campaign and support my bid to be re-elected as the High Peak's Member of Parliament.

“With Parliament now dissolved, I will be getting out and about in the area every day between now and May 7th, so if you see me around, I'd encourage you to come and talk to me about any concerns you have."


Andrew welcomes Treasury Minister to Buxton

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Andrew Bingham, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the High Peak, welcomed the Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, Priti Patel, to Buxton last week.

The Treasury Minister visited the Crescent to see for herself the building for which the Government have recently provided the final £2m of investment money.

Andrew spoke to Ms Patel extensively while he was the Member of Parliament, pushing for the Government to provide the final amount of money needed, and he was delighted when the Government subsequently announced the funding.

Speaking about her visit to Buxton, Ms Patel said:

"I'm thrilled to be here today supporting Andrew as we start the General Election campaign.

"Andrew has been an assiduous Member of Parliament who has lobbied me extensively with regards to getting Government money for the final stages of investment that was required for the Crescent. He helped support the business case for the Crescent. I think it's going to be an amazing local asset in terms of tourism for the local area.

"Previous Governments failed to have the type of national plan that we've had. We've been very clear about making the economic recovery a national recovery, so putting money into schemes like the one in Buxton has been absolutely crucial. It's about growing the economy over the long term, in a sustainable way that everyone locally will benefit from.

"It's a real testament to Andrew's work in helping to make the business case at a Government level. That is what the job of a Member of Parliament is all about."

Andrew said:

"When the bid went in, I spoke to Priti at length about it and lobbied hard for success. I was disappointed that previous bids into the Regional Growth Fund were unsuccessful, despite my efforts, but this latest bid requiring the final £2m was so crucial, and I’m delighted to have played a part in its success. Consequently, I’m very pleased to be able to show Priti where the money will be spent."


Andrew to re-launch his 'Ask Andrew' events for the General Election Campaign

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High Peak’s MP, Andrew Bingham, who will officially relinquish his status when the House of Commons rises at the end of March, is re-launching his Ask Andrew events that he used as part of the 2010 General Election campaign.

As of the end of March, Andrew reverts back to being the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate as the General Election campaign officially begins, and he is keen to speak to as many High Peak people as possible during the campaign.

During his five years as Member of Parliament, Andrew has always been completely accessible to all his constituents, meeting many people both individually and collectively. He has visited numerous organisations, businesses and groups as well as making many visits and calls to individual constituents to discuss their issues.

Andrew is now offering to visit small groups of people in their own homes as part of his General Election campaign.

Andrew said:

"Whilst there are already hustings planned for the campaign, I am keen to take the election to the electorate. Some people may not wish or be able to attend public hustings, so I am making an open offer to visit groups of people in their own homes during the campaign.

"Ideally these would take the form of a small group of friends, residents or work colleagues - around 10 was a number that worked well at the last election - in someone’s house, to ask me questions and discuss my views or what I can offer as the Member of Parliament.

"Sometimes the groups were friends with a common interest in a specific issue, sometimes it was a group of neighbours whose thing in common was purely that they lived close by to each other. Whatever the common link is, the important thing to me is that people feel they have the opportunity to meet and discuss on a personal level the issues that matter to them with one of the people wishing to represent them in Parliament."

Andrew added:

“As people consider who to vote for on May 7th and may still be undecided, I hope my 'Ask Andrew' offer will be of interest and give them the chance to meet me, ask me about my five years as their Member of Parliament and talk about my views and thoughts for the next Parliament to help them make an informed decision on how to vote.”

Anyone who would like to host an 'Ask Andrew' event can email Andrew at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange it.


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